1. On the  island of Rhodes, the travelers find it seemingly «easy» to rent a car from the accommodation where they stay, either it is a hotel, or rooms to let ,or even a  house. Most of the times, however, due to the monopoly at this specific point, they pay a vehicle more expensive than it would be, if they did a market research, without losing their advantage of delivering and receiving their vehicle at the point of their accommodation!


2. Ask and totally comprehend the coverage in case of an accident, as well as the process that you should follow in such cases. There have been instances that some  companies cost the damages excessively or overcharge the clients, based on the «small print» of the contracts.


3. Before receiving any vehicle  you have chosen ,take a video all around the car and take photos of any existing damages so that there will not be any case of misunderstanding or dispute about the condition of the vehicle, when you return it.


4. Pay more attention when you park the vehicle, especially at the center of the town, since it is there that most minor accidents happen, according to statistics. It is quite common to find your vehicle damaged when you go to take it.