The diamonds of Rhodes Island


Lindos, the breathtaking awe of the medieval town in scenic view and interest, combines a landscape of unparalleled beauty with medieval monuments and all these in a traditional village that has been declared as preservable. Its enchanting beaches are in harmony with the imposing mansions, the pebbly courtyards, the narrow alleys and the stone figure of the Acropolis, which looms over the settlement!


Πηγές Καλλιθέας

Kallithea Springs

The unique combination of nature, architecture, and history takes you through a distinctive film setting. The monumental architecture with its unique mosaics, the Rotonda Room where once the thermal spring water streamed, the patio and every corner of the Kallithea Springs take us nostalgically to another era. The picturesque beach with the crystal clear water accommodates hundreds of visitors every day, with its special seabed attracting organized divers.



A small, picturesque village, amphitheatrically built, with stone-built houses, beautiful courtyards and cobbled streets. The medieval castle of the village is built in an imposing site with a view of the sea. It owes its name to the huge monolithic rock that stands above it and has a castle on the top from the Knights ‘era. Nearby, there is the “hidden” beach of Fournoi which is characterized by its wild beauty. If you are a lover of nature, adventure and isolation then you will be completely satisfied.




A strange creation of nature, during winter it is an island and in the summer a peninsula! With the two bays formed on either side of the sand lane, the visitor is always guaranteed a stormy and serene sea.It has become the favorite destination of every windsurfer.



Going up the hill towards the chapel you can admire the most enchanting sunset on the island, as well as the breathtaking view of the place where the monastery of PanagiaTsabika is built, that hosts its famous and miraculous religious icon. Just under the hill there is the homonymous beach, which combines sand with shallow crystal clear water creating a magnificent setting.




It is an ideal place to enjoy stunning panoramic view of the Aegean Sea and take an amazing stroll in the nature. The visitor walking the so-called Martyr’s Road, a road that was built by Latin Priests and representing in stone columns the twelve stops made by the Lord ascending to Golgotha, will meet the imposing Cross of 18meters, a landmark of the area.



One of the most famous sights of Rhodes that is definitely worth your visit. It is a natural reserve that hosts the butterfly Panaxia Quadripunctaria, a very rare species that can be found in very few parts of the world and exists in this unique natural park during mid-June to late September.


Επτά Πηγές

Seven Springs

Nearby Rhodes town there is another small paradise on earth. The name is due to a beautiful lake in this small forest, in which water flows from seven points. A unique experience awaits the visitor as he crosses the narrow, 150-meter-long Italian tunnel leading to a picturesque waterfall! The fairytale landscape is completed with the rare biodiversity of the area, a landmark for nature lovers!