According to our values and principles, we ought to offer all following services free of charge to every traveler who honors and trusts us with his or her choice. Some of these services are original and innovative and are not offered by other companies not even by payment!

covid 19 biological cleaning

Bio cleaning every time

Child safety seat

In case you need a child safety seat, we provide it to you free of charge.

Second driver

In case you need to add a second driver, we offer it free of charge.

Unlimited kilometers

We allow you free, unlimited kilometers, even if you rent a car for only one day.

Free reservation changes

In case of a prepaid reservation, if you wish, for any reason to change some information, (for example: the name of the driver, or of your credit card, the days of your reservation, or if you wish to change car etch.) we will make it happen free of charge.

Traffic line settlements

In case you get any traffic line, you can submit it to us along with the amount of money needed, and we can take care of it, providing or sending you the receipt, free of charge.

No fuel extra charges

In case you deliver the vehicle with fewer fuels than you received it with, you pay only the cost of the fuel that it lost, with its price being predefined. The refuel service is provided free of charge.

No administrative charges

In case of an accident, without being a renter’s fault, (based on the police conclusion), we don’t charge file costs or any administrative accident payment.

No charge for small delay

In case you return the vehicle with a small delay (within 2 hours), there will be no extra charge. In addition, if there is a possibility, we will inform you to receive the vehicle some hours earlier, of you wish to, free of charge.

Free of charge delivery, within 10 km from city center

We can deliver and receive the vehicle that you will choose, at the point and the hours of your choice, free of charge, within a distance of 10 kilometers from the city center.

20% discount for cruises & one – day trips

We provide the possibility and motivation to the visitors of Rhodes through the cruise or the one – day trip from the surrounding Islands and Turkey, who need to rent a vehicle for only a few hours, to have it delivered at the port, as soon as possible and with an additional discount of 20%

Free packages for over 5 days reservations

In case you rent a vehicle for over 5 days, we provide you the insurance package BASIC free of charge or the package PREMIUM with a discount of 50%.

Problem solving

As travelers and as victims ourselves, we totally realize the unexpected problems that many times arise. So keep in mind that even you may not have a credit card, or if it doesn’t have enough remaining balance, or in case you lose either it on your driving license or any other document , you can come and discuss with us , in order to find a common solution to your problem.

Nothing is impossible if there is willingness, good temper and trust. For us no obstacle deserves to deprive any human of the magic of travel.