Terms and Conditions of Reservation

The vehicle will be driven only by the leaser or any other driver that is mentioned in the contract and according to the current provisions of the Highway code.

The driver of the rented car must be at least 21 years old and his or her driving license must be in effect at least 1 year before the date of reservation.

It is not allowed to transfer the vehicle with a ship.

The renter is responsible to compensate for any damage of the rented car, depending on the insurance package that has been chosen, of course.

The renter is responsible for all the damages that may happen to the vehicle in case that he or she is driving in unpaved road, or in case that he or she continues driving when there is an indicator light open for engine trouble or any obvious problem that affects the driving behavior of the vehicle such as a flat tire or in case that he or she is driving under the influence of alcohol.

In case of any accident, the renter must inform firstly the police and then the company, in which he or she must provide the traffic accident report. It is forbidden to abandon the vehicle for any reason, before informing the company first.

The renter is responsible for every traffic violation that he or she must pay off and provide the receipt to the company.

Sub-rental to third parties or paid transfer is forbidden.

The renter must return the vehicle on the displayed date, time and location with the same amount of fuel that it was delivered.

The renter must keep the internal of the vehicle clean, in the condition that it was delivered, without sea sand and with dry seats. Smoking is not allowed inside the vehicle. For all the above, there is a fine of 70€ which will be settled directly with the delivery of the car.

As for the inside of the car, there is no insurance to cover it.

The renter agrees to the detailed record of his personal information. It is clearly agreed that the rental company can make use of it when the renter breaks the law or does not follow the terms of renting. Any difference that may come up between the renter and the rental company will be solved in the Rhodes courts.


Damage cost

Car antenna20€
Windshield wipers40€
Accident file costs50€
Tires60€ /per piece
Roadside assistance60€
Car key200€
Door crystals100€ /per piece
Car battery100€
Front / Rear crystal300€


Cancellation Policy

If you cancel your booking up to 10 days before the car delivery, there will be a cancellation fee of 40€. The remaining sum of the car rental will be returned to you.

If you cancel your booking less than 10 days before the rental date, or in case that you do not cancel and do not pick up your car, there will be no refund and the total sum will be kept as a compensation.

In order to be refunded the sum that you are entitled to, you have to send an email at info@rodosdrive.com asking for the specific sum, the booking confirmation number and the banking details of the IBAN BIC/SWIFT account that must belong to the person that has made the reservation.


Additional Information of Delivery

In the case that you have chosen to pick up the car from the airport of Rhodes, you will have to fill in the following field your flight number and the exact arrival time at the international airport of Rhodes, so as we can send you an email with the exact point of delivery inside the airport and any other additional information, a few days before your arrival.

In the case that you have chosen delivery from a hotel, you will have to fill in the following field its address and an associate will be at the reception at the time of delivery that you wish.

In the case that you have not booked tickets or hotel yet, you can send this information when you have it in the email info@rodosdrive.com along with the booking confirmation number that we will send you.