In every trip we create new thoughts and ideas with which we become more completed, happier and generally better humans, through people’s diversity and the distinctiveness of cultures, landscapes, tastes and images. The experience of a trip should be always combined with the utmost good of safety.

Our experienced staff highly knowledgeable in driving safety and protection issues will help you explore the sights effortlessly, as well as the hidden treasures that are known only to locals and you can’t find them in travel guides, which is totally reasonable. With the experience and wisdom of a local inhabitant, as well as the philosophy and spirit of a traveler, we have studied and planned three different trips, through which you will get to know the emerald island in a well rounded relaxing and safe way, in only one day. With the aid of our proposals and advice, we will form the final planning of the trip, based on your personal choice in order to ensure a unique and unforgettable experience!

Οργάνωση εκδρομών στη Ρόδο

The first suggested trip is to east coast of the island. This side includes the most important sights of Rhodes, as well as the best beaches, since the sea is calm and you can swim easily.
Duration of the trip: about 11 hours.

The second trip is to the west coast of the island. It includes sightseeing in special castles and wild landscape for the adventure lovers.
Duration of the trip: about 11 hours.

The third trip is the tour of the island which includes the most important sights all around Rhodes.
Duration of the trip: about 14 hours.